Suitable grade: K2 to Primary School

Number of students: 4 - 6 students

Phonics training is suitable for intermediate level English language students. Students must know all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z, and have basic writing skills to begin learning Phonics at Kidspace, otherwise it is suggested to start from our Astrokids course.


Our Phonics course provides students with English reading and writing skills. Through Jolly Phonics Newbie level (level 1), students are not just taught the 42 main letter sounds, but also how to write them. Through this knowledge, they are taken through stages of blending sounds together to form words, then continuing on to reading. At the same time our students are developing their listening skills and identifying letters corresponding to various sounds.

Our Phonics course is designed for young students to learn Phonics as a multi-sensory and active experience, all to assure that our students will learn to read and write independently at an earlier-than-average age. We will offer certificate upon all completed Kidspace Phonics levels.


Course Description

Phonics 英語拼音班

Phonics & Grammar 


Why choose our Phonics course?

 1. Learn English naturally with our Native Captains (teachers).

 2. Learn the letter sounds and letter formations.

 3. Learn through multi-sensory methods.
 4. Learn blending skills (for reading).

 5. Identify the sounds in words (for writing).

 6. Tricky words.

Suggested courses to learn together or after Phonics course?

 - Spacewalk 

 - Storytelling 

 - Cambridge English

 - Reading and writing

 - Speaking and listening 

 - Creative writing and review 


(Age 3 - 12)

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