Astrokids (Age 2.7 - 5) 

Suitable grade: K1 and K2

Number of students: 6 - 8 students

Astrokids is suitable for beginner level English students. A wide range of topics and self-introductory greetings will be taught to students each lesson to build up their basic vocabulary and confidence when engaging in conversation. Different topics including shapes, food, gestures, animals and numbers will be rotated throughout the week alongside daily phonics practice to give students a well- rounded and practical introduction to English.


This class focuses on a multi-sensory approach to learning English which is especially important for young learners. Keeping children enthusiastic through fun and games is what we do best and how results are achieved.


Course Description

Why choose our Astrokids course?

 1. Learn English naturally with our Native Captains (teachers).

 2. Build useful vocabulary.

 3. Learn new things while having fun!
 4. Learn basic letters and Phonics sounds.

 5. Learn class manners and self discipline.

Suggested courses to learn together or after Astrokids course?

 - Spacewalk 

 - Storytelling 

 - Phonics 

 - Cambridge English

 - Reading and writing  

 - Speaking and listening 

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