Kidspace English courses are designed to suit students from 3 to 12 year old.

In order to select the perfect learning path for your child, our professional team comes up with a personal development plan for each student according to their age, school attendance and English abilities. Listed below are some of the recommended courses. Please visit our Kidspace English Learning Centre for more information about a personalised learning path for your child.

Let's make learning English as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Beginner level - Learn to speak and listen

2. Intermediate level - Learn to read and write

3. Advanced level - Improve overall English

    language skills​

Beginner Level

For Kindergarten Students

Let's learn how to speak and listen before read and write.


Learning a new language can be hard, especially when you don't have any English background or ambience at home. At Kidspace we create FUN English courses 

to fill in that missing English language environment that you can't create at home. Let the children have fun with our experienced foreign captains and they will learn English naturally as a part of their daily language skill. 

To be able to read and spell within 12 months!


Let's start to take baby steps and learn how to read and write before we can improve overall language skills.


It's never easy to learn a new language. We must take baby steps each day to achieve different English language skills. There is also a big gap between Kindergarten and Primary school in Hong Kong. Learning how to read English can be a very hard job, unless you start early. Learning Jolly Phonics at Kidspace can help your children read, blend and spell within a year.

Intermediate Level

For Primary School Preparation

Advanced Level

For Primary School Students

It's time to learn how to improve overall English language skills!


At Kidspace we create a FUN environment for students to learn English naturally as a part of their daily language routine. Primary school work is getting harder each day but we prepare our pupils to be able to tackle all challenges in a confident and skillful manner. 


Our lessons are delivered in an engaging and active way, keeping kids interested and always challenged. Three-two-one GO!

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