At Kidspace English Learning Centre, we promote a happy and caring environment and have only the friendliest most professional Captains (teachers) on our team. Our Captains come from England, Canada and the United States and have expert knowledge of teaching their native language to students in a fun and effective way. 

Our Captains hold English teaching qualifications and have many combined years of experience teaching English as a second language all over the world. Always ready to share their experience and ideas, the team works hard on developing new and engaging teaching methods.

Here at Kidspace we believe that learning should be safe and stress free, but most of all fun! That is demonstrated through the creative and energetic teaching methods of our captains as well as diverse and interesting multidisciplinary teaching materials.

 Let the space mission begin!

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Kowloon City Headquarter 

Address: Unit 7C, Smart A Building, 352 Prince Edward Rd West, Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2382 8809

Whatsapp: (852) 5160 9462

Miss Amy

Hi! I am Captain Amy! I’m from the United Kingdom and studied at the University of Liverpool. I have previously lived and taught in Guangzhou to young children which I loved. I love seeing my students improve their English every week whilst having fun in class. I enjoy teaching at Kidspace especially because of the relaxed and fun environment where children can feel comfortable and get to know the teachers well.